Video Productions

Quite simply video marketing is incorporating videos into your marketing campaigns whether to promote your company, product or service.

Customer testimonials along with live event videos are becoming more and more popular as companies try to leverage rich media content into their marketing efforts. In our modern society, video marketing is pretty strong. Actually, it is one of the best-working marketing strategies. Why?

  • Videos better than text/articles

If you write a great article on your product/service some people will read it. But as you do the same with a video more people will watch your video. Taking into account only Youtube, the numbers convey a pretty picture. Videos are fun to watch, unlike articles.

  • Video is not time-consuming

People will prefer watching your video to reading article, because reading article takes much time, while a good explainer video that lasts for 30secs up to 1:30 and is more engaging.

  • A video is shareable

If your viewers like your video they’ll share it with their friends. More views – more popularity.

  • Videos can be shared on social media

While it is unlikely that people might visit your website/blog to read an article. Chances are higher that they will visit your website as they see your videos and your logo in the video

  • Videos are emotional

And last but not least, videos are emotional, engaging, fun and most importantly they inspire more trust than an article. And you need to be trustworthy. If your viewers trust you they’re more likely to turn from viewers into customers.

All Packages Include:

Up to 30-second Video: Animated

Up to 30-second Video: Animated & Narrated

Up to 90-second Explainer Video: Animated & Narrated.

Up to 90-second Promotional Video: 1 Presenter

6 Video Combo

  • 1x Animated 30 Seconds Long 
  • 5x White Board Animated Topic-Based Videos 
  • 1x Website Explainer Video 
  • Delivered @ 1 x video per month over 6 months 

12 Video Combo

  • 1x Animated 30 Seconds Long 
  • 8x White Board Animated Topic-Based Videos 
  • 1x Website Explainer Video 
  • 1x Promotional Video: 1 Presenter 
  • 2x Animated Promotional Videos 
  • Delivered @ 1 x Video per month over 12 months 

Corporate Promotional Video 

  • 3 Minutes Long
  • Full HD – Fully edited 
  • On-site Video Content 
  • 1 x Presenter Intro 
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